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Budding writers are individuals who are just starting to develop their writing skills and are exploring the craft of writing. As a budding writer, it’s important to read widely, practice writing regularly, and seek feedback to improve your skills. With dedication and perseverance, budding writers can develop their craft and produce compelling and engaging written works.
In the post, I will share a question I am often asked. How do you start your story?
The first thing you will do is decide what you will talk about. It could be a fiction story, a non-fiction book, an autobiography or a how-to manual. What’s important is to get your ideas down. Start by listing the subject headings or subject topics you will focus on. Once you have created your list, continue to brainstorm on your ideas and place them under your headings. Continue this process until you have enough usable information for the makings of your paragraphs, which eventually lead to chapters, and finally a finished product.
Use your knowledge from experience, true life, or your imagination to fill in the blanks. At this point you are just getting the information down. Later, you will go back in to formulate your manuscript using formal writing skills and your personality. If you need more help, email me at Perhaps I can be of assistance.
Dana Marie

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